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Success in a competitive business environment can be a question of innovation skills. One way to explore a firm’s innovative capabilities is to measure its absorptive capacity: the ability to acquire, assimilate, transform and exploit knowledge.

Define digest. digest synonyms, digest pronunciation, digest translation, English dictionary definition of digest. v. di·gest·ed , di·gest·ing ,

To think over so as to understand; absorb or assimilate: It took a minute to digest the implications of the remark. 3. a.

Grey water footprint is the amount of fresh water required to assimilate pollutants to meet specific water quality standards. The grey water footprint considers point-source pollution discharged to a freshwater resource directly through a pipe or indirectly through runoff or leaching from the soil, impervious surfaces, or other diffuse sources.

Another way to estimate the famine losses is to compare the Ukrainians’ demogra- phic fate with that of the Byelorussians – a closely related nation that had a some- what lower rate of natural population growth before 1931; went through similar politi- cal campaigns against "bourgeois nationalism" and similar pressures to assimilate; and had.

Suomeksi laulun sanat kuuluvat: "Aseistettua miestä tulee pelätä. Kaikkialla on julistettu, että jokaisen tulee varustaa itsensä rautapaidalla.".

most have settled on "a middle of the road definition.

the movement to recover, interpret, and assimilate the language, literature, learning and values of ancient Greece and Rome".

The Addams Family Music Video - Haunted Heart (2019) | Movieclips Coming SoonThe affairs of this debtor were perplexed by a partnership, of which he knew no more than that he had invested money in it; by legal matters of assignment and settlement, conveyance here and conveyance there, suspicion of unlawful preference of creditors in this direction, and of mysterious spiriting away of property in that; and as nobody on the face of the earth could be more incapable of.

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Photosynthetic activity was determined with radiocarbon method which is based on the stoichiometry of photosynthesis. The purpose of radiocarbon method is to estimate how much dissolved carbon dioxide do the algae assimilate when photosynthesizing.

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A bear can assimilate 84% of the protein and 97% of the fat it eats. Polar bears need an average of 2 kg (4.4 lb.) of fat per day to obtain enough energy to survive. A ringed seal weighing 55 kg (121 lb.) could provide up to eight days of energy for a polar bear; ja kalorilaskurin mukaan sadassa grammassa Vaasan Maukasta on(oli?) 2,3 g rasvaa.